Tag list export Attachements by email (on Attachement created (every single attachement) or Patrol ended (all attachements from patrol) notification) Log filtering by type Schedule weekly report on any day, not just Monday Support of SNMP device Poseidon 3266 Scanned...

SIMPHONY 3.12 and TouchGuard 3.7

SIMPHONY 3.12 Email reports for Tasks Exports for Tasks New Notification – Attachement created TouchGuard 3.7 Single point patrols Repaired scheduled patrols  


Single-point patrols Patrol wizard bugfixes

SIMPHONY 3.10 and TouchGuard 3.6.3

Standalone tasks (in past called one-time tasks) Repeatable by time/After completion/One-time User defined statuses Active tasks on dashboard Mobile app only: After app killing (from web) is reset default launcher in phone Attachement has name of tag in attachement...