Online patrol system / Attendance / Lone Worker & Mand-Down

All you need is a browser.

We are service provider, so no installation needed. Just log in on our website from aby PC with web browser. Everything is available for licence monthly fee (1 licence = 1 mobile device in system).

Log in to system

If you are interested in free trial, please contact us and we will send you credentials.

Android app installation

You can download app from Google Play Store, as a standard apps.

Setting and start!

Installation and settings are very easy. For helping you for easier installation go to our manuals website or contact our technical support.

Application for smartphones with OS Android and NFC technology.


Czech application that is used to control the work in real time. It is mainly used by security agencies and facility companies (cleaning, maintenance, etc.). Mobile Applications TouchGuard is part of the application server Simphony. In the current time it operates in 8 European countries and in Australia.


Real time data transfer with patrol automatic evaluation


Clock ins and clock outs evidence with checking of reqiored number of person on shift.

Lone Worker functions

GPS tracking, inactivity, angle alarm and wakefullness

Offline mode support

Works also in places with poor connection. Data are in these cases synced later.

Photos, text and voice notes

Attachements are automaticly uploaded to server and then could be automaticly sent to email recipients

Calls and SMS

Options to allow all, only phone list or disallow calls/SMS.