Features list


  • System is divided to localities (objects)
  • Each comapny can have own tree structure of localities
  • Supports timezones for working all around the world
  • Mobile device is paired to single locality (should work in one locality)


  • NFC tags or iBeacons as checkpoints
  • Patrol options
    • Tags scanning order – arbitrary (default), strict, open type (same checkpoint scanned more times)
    • Time setting – minimum/maximum time for whole patrol or between checkpoints
    • Patrol tasks (list of operation to do on checkpoints)
    • Unlimited number of patrol definitions
  • Automatic patrols evaluation (time and all checkpoints scanned)
  • All patrols from all localities on dashboard
  • Offline work support
  • Dashboard widget with patrol progress


  • Task management system
    • One-time,
    • Repeating (new one launch in defined interval after closing of the current one),
    • Scheduled (launch in defined time)
  • Possibility to define:
    • Task description
    • Time for completion
    • Dependency on:
      • checkpoint
      • patrol
      • mobile device
      • person
  • User defined tasks states
  • Dashboard widget with task status


  • Tools for creating own forms templates, which will be fulfulled in mobile device and sent to server as comprehensive report
  • Form elements
    • Text area
    • Select boxes (defined enumerations)
    • Attachements
      • Photos
      • Audio messages
  • Possibility to propagate template to all localities (create in only once for all localities)


  • Checking person clock ins and clock outs
  • Shifts planning
    • Active person number checking (you can define required number of persons on work shift)
  • Dashboard widget with shift status

Mobile devices

  • Mobile phone pairing via QR code to locality
  • Remote device management
  • Phone blocking to prevent using for non-work purposes (guard mode)
  • Displaying up to 17 buttons (functions) on screen
  • Allowing to call/SMS anywhere/nowhere/to allowed contact list
  • Lone Worker functions
    • Inactivity
    • Angle alarm
    • Shock detection
    • Wakefulness
    • GPS tracking with history
  • Remote volume management


  • Up to 40 types of events (both corrent and incorrect actions)
  • Notification via email on dashboard notification box
  • Dynamic texts email (subject and text) builder
  • Restrictive conditions


  • checking the number of events in defined time
    • Usecase #1: There is required 5 patrols in 24 hours
    • Usecase #2: It is allowed to have 5 mistakes in patrol per week (or month)
    • There are 3 special events for this:
      • KPI required minimum not reached – when time of KPI os over and minimum of events was not reached
      • KPI minimum reached
      • KPI maximum violated – when there is in one KPI instance more events then is allowed


  • Geofencing (Checking GPS mobile device position)
  • Maps based on OpenStreetMap.org
  • Items on map
    • Chekpoints
    • Attachemens
    • GPS tracking
    • Geofencing area
    • Sensors
    • Mobile device last known position


  • Support of SNMP protocol devices
  • Tresholds setting
  • Widget on dashboard with actual value


  • Users management
  • Access to web, patrols or attendance
  • Detailed permissions management
  • Users propagation to localities
  • Groups


  • List of all activities and events displayed in list
  • Consolidated PDF report from Logs with all events, photos and information from Forms, Tasks etc.


  • License management for sublocalities
  • Allowing to use number of:
    • Mobile devices
    • Users
    • Checkpoints
    • Patrols
    • Groups
    • Sensors