What’s new

SIMPHONY 3.36 and TouchGuard 3.20


  • Comments for events in  Logs – Now you can click on any event in Logs to see the event detail and add comment. Comments are included in PDF exports.

TouchGuard mobile 3.20

  • Wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2 support – new LoneWorker features
    • Hearbeat monitor
    • Panic button
      (Necessary to have paired wristband via original app Mi Fit)
  • Unlocking Guard mode by sending the unlocking password by SMS (necessary ho have mobile app on foreground)
  • Option to launch patrol by tapping on Patrols button without scanning starting Checkpoint
  • SMS paring – just send SMS in the form TGdeviceNr@password$ for example TG1234@jaHdljsJ$. If you use special server address, send SMS in the form TGdeviceNr@password@server-address$, for example TG1234@jaHdljsJ@https://design.touchguard.app$
  • New button for 3rd party app
    • Appenate
    • Google Maps
  • Added 3rd party apps on whitelist
    • com.vodafone.messaging
    • com.hb.dialer.free
  • Bulgarian translation
  • Links in recieved SMS is clickable (opens browser)


  • Possibility to add comments in patrol report detail. These comments will be also displayed in PDF export
  • Refactored page with patrol reports. Patrols which containes some GPS tracking coordinates are tagged with  icon
  • Possibility to name
    • Patrol schedules
    • Patrol reports schedules
  • Text attachment content is displayed directly in  Logs
  • LoneWorker alive message – periodic sending of mobile device connection control report. Available from TouchGuard Android App v 3.20
  • CSV reports for attendace
  • Support of personal data anonymization because of GDPR. Set this feature for each locality in  Locality Settings, tab  Privacy. Once this is set, it will anonymize all deleted personal data (also deleted earlier before feature activation)
  • Multilocality view switch (just like  Mobile devices) for:
    • Maps
    • Logs
    • NFC tags
    • Checkpoints
    • Attachments


  • Refactored  Dashboard (same functionality, but works better)
  • It is allowed to copy  NFC tag’s name while creating  Checkpoint by pushing new button
  • Option to delete  NFC tag while deleting  Checkpoint
  • Bugfixes

TouchGuard 3.19

  • Forms signature/draw field support
  • New tags upload behavior changed according to SIMPHONY 3.32+
  • Added some apps to whitelist


  • Added fulltext filtering by assignments in  NFC tags
  • Added fullterxt filtering by ID to  Assets
  • KPI option – do not show KPI on dashboard. KPI is running as ussual, but not displayed on dashboard
  • Changed icon for mobile device charging


  •  NFC tags are now separated from  Checkpoints. NFC Tags is database of IDs, which can be assigned to checkpoint, login/attendance card or asset. Behavior could be changed in  locality options.
  • New form field type – Sign – posibility to sign form (or draw) by a finger or stylus (available since TouchGuard app v. 3.19+)
  • Wristband support – heartbeat monitoring (available since TouchGuard app v. 3.20+)
  • Added button for 3rd party apps – WhatsApp, Risk-Wise
  • New icons – Font Awesome 5

SIMPHONY 3.31 and TouchGuard 3.18


  • Asset management – primary done for loading of keys (or other assets)
  • Option for GPS – send coordinates only during running patrol (works with TouchGuard 3.18 and newer)
  • Multi-level mobile devices licensing

TouchGuard 3.18

  • Asset management
  • Support of QR Droid Code Scanner app (as alternative to Barcode scanner)
  • New design for forms (they are fullscreen now)
  • Support of HW SOS button for myPhone Hammer Iron 2 and myPhone Hammer AXE M LTE phones
  • Man Down alert shows notification in action bar
  • Known scanned tags which are not a part of running patrol are displayed as actual checkpoint (in previous version these vere not displayed)


  • Dashboard notification displays user defined Description if filled in. If not filled in, displayes event name
  • New PDF exports from  Logs

SIMPHONY 3.29 and TouchGuard 3.17

Note: Mobile app v 3.17 will be released in 2 days.

  • Refactored Maps
    • Live view with autozooming – the actual data for the last hour
    • No refresh needed, new data are displayed automaticly
    • Time filters
  • Lone Worker functions
    • According to BS8484
    • There is new notification “ Mobile device alarm” on Dashboard, which has to be confirmed and closed by dispatcher. All is logged.
    • When mobile device triggers more than one type of alarm (for example Anle alarm and Inactivity), alarms are grouped into one and is possible to confirm/close them at once
    • When mobile device triggers alarm:
      • Alarm to server (dashboard) and/or
      • SMS to predefined phone numbers and/or
      • Voice call to predefined phone numbers in loud mode.
        • Set number of repetitions for voice calls
        • Between each call is 10 seconds delay (to is because mobile device nedds some time to send/recieve data on server)
        • Voice calls can be canceled by pressing of red button  on mobile device screen or by alarm confirming on dashboard.
    • Alarms can be closed from mobile device in context menu. Confirming by PIN needed.
  • In  Mobile devices overview is instead of battery status is also displayed signal strength and last scanned tag
  • Now is supported HW button SOS on RugGear RG310 for user alarm
  • Localities disabling – it is possible to temporary deny access to locality while editing Locality. Mobiles will be switched to offline mode and web users will be not able to login. Same procedure is for allowing access back.
  • In Mobile device are new buttons – Google Calendar and Google Contacts
  • Searchable Assignment Instructions – PDF document, which can be uploaded to server and then automaticly downloaded to mobile device to context menu as “Instructions”. Is necessary to install Google PDF Reader, which is on Whitelist, so works also with Guard mode switched on.
  • New Logs page
    • CSV exports of Logs


  • New alarm type – Mobile device alarm. It replaces old notifications to mobile device alarms

    • Comming soon – With new version of mobile app (3.17) will be available lots of lone worker improvements – Please contact us for beta version testing
  • New event – mobile device started – when somebody reboot the device, you can find it in log or create notification for this (available from mobile app version 3.17)
  • In localities list view – new possibility to click on locality name to switch on it