What’s new

TouchGuard 3.16

  • Tag note – each  Tag can have a note.

    This note is displayed on mobile app in patrol detail. When the note is available, there is icon  and by taping on it is displayed dialog with note.

  • When uploading new tag (scanning unknown tag), GPS position of the tag is also uploaded
  • Each time, when some event, which contains GPS coordinates, are GPS coordinates refreshed. If the refresh is not possible (because of availability of GPS satelites), is sent last known position.


  • Brand new Localities tree and Localities list view
  • Sublocalities observing was moved to Users wizard. Now is possible to set this setting to all users, not just yourself.
  • Support of permanent login (checkbox on login page)
  • PDF exports for Forms
  • Automatic form sending as PDF attachement after form creating (uploading to server) – option in Notification – event Form created
  • CSV exports for KPIs
  • Possibility to add note to Tag (not available on mobile app yet)
  • “Email report sent” event in  Logs
  • Bugfixes
    • Doubled enums in forms

SIMPHONY 3.26.1 and TouchGuard 3.15


  • Tags – Longer tag name field
  • Mobile devices – added Camera button for local photos saving
  • Locality settings – automatic attendace leaving support hh:mm format

TouchGuard 3.15

  • Improved Guard mode + changed design. Now works on all mobile devices types
  • Added bulgarian translation
  • Updated polish translation


  • KPIs
    • Usecase #1: “I need to have min 15 patrol per day. If not, I want to have notification”. So I will create new KPI with minimum 15 and choose event “Patrol ended”.
    • Usecase #2: “It is allowed to have maximum 5 mistakes in patrols per month”. So I will create KPI witk maximum of 5 events and choose events related to mistakes in patrol, like “Patrol checkpoint not visited” or/and “Time constraint violated for a patrol” etc. When is choosed more evet types, they are summed up.
    • 3 new events for notifications
    • KPIs has instances, just like patrols. So the active instance of KPI is displayed on dashboard
    • After KPI ends (and start new), there is history in  Reports
    • KPIs has propagation, so it could be created once and propagated to all Localities
  • Automatic dashboard notification closing – default notification expiration is 24 h. It can be changed in Locality options ( button between user name and  Localities switch
  • Notifications propagation – possibilty co create notification once and propagate it to all localities
  • Mobile device last usage timestamp
  • Licencing for Forms and KPIs
  • Manual CSV exports for Forms
  • Bugfixes
    • Map autozoom

SIMPHONY 3.25 and TouchGuard 3.14

  • Offline patrol scheduling – scheduler is from this version pushed to mobile (in previous version was pushed each patrol and this was unreliable), so works also offline. Advatage is that each the patrol lauching does not use pushes for patrol starting anymore. When the scheduler is changed, it is pushed to mobile. If the mobile is offline when is pushed new scheduler (or is deleted), mobile still works with previous plan, as long as is able to download scheduler update.
  • Thermocamera support for CAT S60 – special APK is needed for this, not available in standard version from Google Play. For using of this special edition please contact us on support@touchguard.eu.
  • New button in  Mobile devices –  Functions – switching screen to allow installation from unknown sources. Necessary for “auto” updates
  • New option in  Mobile devices –  Functions –  Update settings just on-demand – Usually the mobile device is downloading new settings after person logout and new patrol definition after starting tag scanning. In some cases it could take a lots of time. So with this option, if is checked, you can work without these automatic update. You can dowload setting manually after person logout in cotext menu – Reload
  • Mobile app is sending only GPS coordinates, not coordinates from network (Wifi, GSM), which has low accuracy
  • New events
    • Patrol task not completed – after patrol ends, this event occurs, if all patrol tasks are not completed
    • Patrol not started – new setting in patrol scheduler (Timeout for checking first checkpoint (in minutes)). If the patrol is started, this is time limit for any tag scanning
  • Form detail – images has preview, not link only
  • Email notifications
    • When is Form submitted, there is new option – URL of form content – insert direct link to form detail.
    • For event conditions there are new time conditions. Could be usefull if you re interested in events only in selected time range.
  • Dashboard notifications
    • Form added – added direct link to form detail (by clicking to form name on widget)
    • Person login/logout – added mobile device name
  • In email notifications and reports are hidden recipients, if number of recipients is >1
  • Multi-tenant selection – if you would like to select/unselect whole branch in locality tree structure, for example setting permission for localities when creating user, you can use the “blue checkbox switch” to change behavior of locality selection.
  • Improved forms design

SIMPHONY 3.22.1 and TouchGuard 3.13


  • New report type. Based on list of events in Logs, now is possible to export data from Logs to PDF. In this report are the same information as in Logs supplemented by graphics like photos preview, maps with gps tracking (every hour is displayed map with tracking + after each patrol with event Patrol ended is also displayed map). In report scheduler is possible to choose list of events you’re interested in.
  • New event in Notifications: Person entering caused work shift to meet the attendance requirements. When work shift started with insufficient number of attending persons and required number of person will arrive to shift, this event occurs.
  • New style of phone numbers filling in
  • New options for GPS tracking while charging phone. Important feature because so far when phone was charging, it will send lots of GPS and it consumed lots of data.
  • Battery status: Phone is sending to server battery status, when is changed by 10 %. There is new event Mobile device power supply status changed and rules for low battery status notification. Here is example of notification when battery is 15 % or less. The second rule is here, because we want this notification only when phone is discharging, not when is charging.
  • New event in Notifications for Lone worker dialog confirmed
  • Apply button in Mobile devices. It will save the settings, just like Save button, but will not close the window.
  • Polish translation updated
  • Dashboard notifications displays event time
  • Displayed number of pages was increased to 10
  • Bugfixes
    • Missing role names in person wizard
    • Properly handle reload of patrol wizard

TouchGuard 3.13

  • Selects in forms has automaticly empty first choice
  • Events on homebutton pressing is not sent (some guards were able to consume lots of data with thousands of home button pressing and create thousands events)
  • Displaying of information, when trying to acomplish Task, but all conditions are not satisfied
  • Bugfixes
    • Sometimes was displayed wrong username
    • Sometimes app fails when taking photo on RugGear
  • Semiautomatic upgrades – New feature, for updated by phones users. They can just update app, not uninstall. (Tested on RugGear RG500 (Android 4.2.2), RugGear RG730 (Android 5.1), Samsung Galaxy Prime (Android 5.1), Nexus 5X (Android 7.1.1)) . When this feature will be allowed (in Mobile terminals – Functions), there will be notfication in mobile app  when new version will be released and guards will be able to install upgade by themselves from context menu by pressing button Update (which is usually hidden). For this feature is needed to have allowed (in phone) installation from unknown sources (in phone Settings – Security).



  • Conditions (Limitations) support – filtering by Person, Mobile device or/and Form Template. This mean, you can create some rule, which will send notification only, when all (or at least one) conditions will be satisfied.
  • Dynamic text building in email notification. You can compile dynamic email subject and text by combining standard text and automatic text (Person, Locality, IMEI, Mobile device, Form template). This mean, when you create notification, where will be required Person, it will send person name in the text or subject.


  • Officer name is displayed with personal number, if it was filled in. For example: John Smith (123456)

SIMPHONY 3.20 and TouchGuard3.12

  • Frozen queue detection – From Android 3.12 there is detection, when counter raise to 200. For this function is new activity in Notifications.

SIMPHONY 3.19 and TouchGuard 3.11


  • Forms (creating, filling in on mobile, web reports; exports not developed yet)
  • Manual patrol start by clicking on  button

TouchGuard 3.11

  • Wakefulness checking (in Mobile devices as Lone Worker tab)
  • Offline Guard mode deactivation (under the Guard mode activation button)
  • iBeacon (Bluetooth) patrolling
  • New button Sentinel QR (for 3rd patry app launching)
  • SMS button behavior – Launching default SMS app when phone numbers list is empty
  • Button “Power off” was deleted, because it was not working with enabled Guard mode since version 3.5


  • Current/All localities show switch in Mobile devices with fultext seach
  • Show app version outdated status for Mobile devices
  •  GPS tracking graphics with arrows between points
  • Automatic user clock-out setting (in Locality settings, you can set time to automatic clock-out of users. This is for attendance, when user forget to check clock-out when leaving home)