In the begining launch of SIMPHONY 3.0

  • January
    • brand new architecture based on JBoss8
    • responsive web layout for PC, tablet and smartphones
    • dashboard – view to all patrols in all localities via interactive widgets on one screen
    • drag&drop patrol editor
    • phone pairing via QR code
    • remote administration of mobile phones (no settings menu in mobile app, everything remotely from web)
    • advanced tasks
      • one time tasks. Once it is done, it will be never displayed
      • set the date when insert the task into patrol
      • disposable task pairing to locality or tag, not to whole patrol
    • panic button (done also in version 2.36, only for some types of devices. To activate panic hold the power button >2s)
  • March
    • brand new system for proceses (more user friendly)


  • April 16
    • Tilt sensing
  •  2016/05/03 (v3.8)
    • Geofencing – To alert if a handset leaves a pre-configured area
  • May 
    • One time tasks
      • more states
      • repeatable
  • June
    • Schedule weekly report on any day, not just Monday
    • Email attachements
    • HWG Poseidon Support (multiple sensors support)
    • Filter in patrol history by name and patrol name


  • iBeacon checkpoints – iBeacons instead of NFC tags. Range of iBeacon is almost 40 m (NFC has 5 cm). Set the distance, when the beacon will be (automaticly) checked)
  • Lone Worker (new web loneworker.cz)

October 16

  • Forms for Android
  • Filtering in Logs by Mobile device

November 16

  • Consolidated reports / timeline

December 16

  • Free fall detection
  • Bugfixing, system optimalization