• KPIs and customisable statistics for patrol events and form information
  • Mobile device last used date and time online – A display showing when a mobile device last communicated with the server. This will indicate devices that are not being used


  • Occurrence Log / Timeline. Logs will be redesigned with increased information.
  • Searchable Assignment Instructions – Document for officers with site processes.
  • A time/date filter for the map section.
  • Show GPS location on panic alarm notification and iBeacon if available.


  • Asset management (Key management)
  • Lone Worker according to BS8484


  • The ability to sign from the mobile device allowing a form to have a signature on it
  • Proof of life and wearables – Using a pulse monitor to check heart rate and that the officer is alive. An upper and lower limit for the heart rate can be set to notify if the heart rate is outside of normal parameters
  • Improved  Dashboard
  • Verification of GPS position when scanning a tag
  • Timestamp for starting of filling the form and finishing (uploading to server) the form